Comparative Literature & Languages

  • The Department of Comparative Literature and Languages will be offering numerous courses this summer!

    • Summer is a great time to complete your CHASS breadth language requirements, or a complete a lower-division or upper-division course; we’ll be offering language courses from Chinese and Japanese to Arabic, Korean, French, and others, as well as Comp Lit 1 (“Introduction to Close Reading”), Japanese 23 (“Modern Japan and Personal Narrative”), Comp Lit 181 (“Existentialism in Film and Literature”), and Linguistics 20 (“Language and Linguistics”), 111 (“Phonetics”), 131 (“Morphology”), 141 (“Phonology”), among others.
    • A link to the Summer Session website is here:
  • Take advantage of the present context to begin studying a new language or enhance your knowledge of a language you’ve already begun to study; Language placement exams are taking place on a scheduled basis.

    • We’ll be offering beginning language courses in Fall 2021 in Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean,  Latin, Russian, and Vietnamese.
    • For information regarding language placement exams, please contact Britteney Testino, our Language Placement Coordinator (
    • If you have advising questions please contact Suzy Sharweed (