We encourage all our undergraduates to consider education abroad programs.

A resource for students from every UC Campus, education abroad is an excellent chance to become deeply familiar with another country and its culture, while earning academic units towards graduation. Learning abroad will broaden your outlook and tolerance, build self-confidence, and teach you how to be comfortable with difference and change. In most cases, course credit earned can be used to satisfy requirements for our departmental majors.

To determine which education abroad courses meet which major requirements, speak with the faculty member in charge of your major or contact the Comparative Literature and Languages Academic Advisors.

Students should plan education abroad well in advance to ensure that the courses taken fit with their overall program at UCR. Consult the departmental student affairs officer for assistance. For further details visit the UCR International Affairs or call (951) 827-4113.

UCR International Affairs
Office Location: Skye Hall 321
Hours: 9-5 Monday through Friday