Major Requirements

  1. Lower-division requirements (12 units plus language proficiency)
    1. Chinese 001 through 006 or the equivalent proficiency. Students may pass out of some or all of the lower-division language courses for the Chinese major through previous coursework or by taking a language proficiency exam.
    2. Four (4) units from lower-division lecture courses on Chinese literature and culture: AST 030/CHN 030, AST 040/CHN 040, AST 046/CHN 046, AST 048/CHN 048, and any other lower-division lecture courses on Chinese literature, culture, and film chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor.
    3. Eight (8) units: CPLT 001 or CPLT 001W, CPLT 002
  2. Upper-division requirements (36 units)
    1. Twelve (12) units in Chinese language from CHN 101A, CHN 101B, CHN 101C, CHN 105, CHN 108, CHN 110 (E-Z), CHN 115 (E-Z)
    2. Twelve (12) units in Chinese literature and culture from CHN 104, CHN 105, AST 107/CHN 107/RLST 107, CHN 108, CHN 110 (E-Z), CHN 115 (E-Z), AST 135/CHN 135, AST 136/CHN 136, AST 142/CHN 142, CPLT 142E/WMST 142E, AST 148/CHN 148, AST 185/CHN 185, CHN 190
    3. Eight (8) units in China-related upper division courses from other departments (with advisor’s consent), can include the courses listed above under 2.2.
    4. Four (4) units: CPLT 193, Senior Capstone Seminar (CPLT 196 strongly recommended but not required)

Language Placement:

For information about placement exams contact Suzy Sharweed.

Committee in Charge

  • Yenna Wu, Ph.D., Chair, Chinese/Civilizations/Comparative Literature
  • Perry Link, Ph.D. Chinese Literature, Language and Culture
  • Lisa Raphals, Ph.D. Chinese/Comparative Literature
  • Yang Ye, Ph.D. Chinese/Civilizations/Comparative Literature
  • Juliet McMullin, Ph.D., Interim Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, ex officio