Current Graduate Students

  • Pre-modern Arabic and Persian Philosophy, Mysticism, and Poetics, especially works of Ibn ʿArabi and Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī; Islamic Intellectual History; Continental philosophy.
  • Translated literature in Japan and Korea.
  • 20th century French literature and art—esp. Surrealism; 20th century Japanese literature and art—esp. avant-garde; gender studies; women’s studies.
  • 20th and 21st century French and Latin American literary and visual cultures; Latinx cultural productions in the U.S.; queer theory; continental philosophy; Latin American philosophy; Critical Theory; semiotics; performance studies; autotheory.
  • continental philosophy; deconstruction; cinema and media studies; political philosophy; queer theory; theories of war and political violence; critical security studies; French studies; Middle Eastern studies; American studies; post-colonialism and decolonization; globalization.
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  • foreign language pedagogy; cultural linguistics; dialogic learning and teaching; modernism in French and Italian literature; sociopolitical contexts of 20th century European literature.

Kate Huang, originally from Taipei, earned BA in English Literature, MA in Applied Linguistics (California State University, Fullerton), with Certificate in Basic and Advanced Core Early Childhood Education, and is currently working on her doctorate program at UC Riverside. Kate’s research interests focus on Samuel Beckett’s works, Contemporary Marxist school, Media and Cultural Studies, and Psycholinguistics. Her hobbies include listening to Baroque Music and visiting DTLA’s museums in her leisure time.

  • Auto-ethnography; critical theory; cultural studies; creative writing.
  • satire in Arabic; English and French; pre-modern and modern Arabic literature; music in relation to literature; political theory; relationship between satire and politics; Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault.
  • postcolonial female Bildungsroman; Asian American literature; Asian American female Bildungsroman; war literature; postcolonial literature; postcolonial theories.

Kenneth Ken-Wah Lee

  • modern and contemporary Chinese and Japanese literature; Asian American literature; cultural anthropology in relation to transpacific studies; Sino-Japanese studies.
  • modern Korean literature; contemporary Korean literature and film; gender studies; trans-Asian cultural studies.
  • Asian American literature, diaspora studies, Sinophone literature, transnational film and media studies.
  • 19th Century British Literature, German Philosophy – esp. Nietzsche and Heidegger; biopolitics; existentialism; morality; posthumanism.
  • postcolonial studies; Orientalism; critical theory; feminist theory; Marxist theory.
  • Pre-modern and modern Chinese fiction, modern Chinese intellectual history, Chinese syntax (synchronic and diachronic),  teaching Chinese at all levels. 
  • Children’s literature in English, Finnish, and Japanese; horror studies; fairy- and folktales and their English translations and adaptations; video game and internet studies.
  • modern Korean fiction; postcolonial studies; critical race theory.
  • French literature, Farsi literature, Gender Studies, feminism and women studies.

  • Early Chinese and early Greek philosophy, rituals and religious studies, Chinese fiction, Asian horror cinematography, supernatural folklore, cultural history of ghosts, otherness. Link to Vlad’s page
  • Transnational comparativism and transdisciplinarity; death, time & alterity in legal and literary contexts; modernist literature and poetics; modern European philosophy; deconstruction; rhetorical theory; aporetical ethics; ontology; psychoanalysis; trauma theory; media studies and film theory; coloniality; violence and the law.

Abdalla (Samir) Taha

  • Continental philosophy, French existentialism, Feminism, Gender studies, Latin American Literature, and Culture.