Southeast Asian Studies

The Southeast Asian minor provides students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Southeast Asian languages, cultures, and literatures.

Minor Requirements

  1. Lower-division requirements (8 units plus language proficiency)
    1. Proficiency in one of the Southeast Asian languages (Vietnamese/Indonesian/Tagalog) through the first-year level
    2. Eight (8) units from lower-division lecture courses on Southeast Asian literature and culture: AST 062/CPLT 062/SEAS 062, AST 063/CPLT 063/SEAS 063, AST 064/MCS 049/SEAS 064/VNM 064, AST 065/SEAS 065
  2. Upper-division requirements (16 units)
    1. Sixteen (16) units in Southeast Asian literature and culture from CPLT 142V/WMST 142V, AST 161/SEAS 161, AST 162/HIST 187/VNM 162, AST 163/CPLT 163/SEAS 163, AST 165 (E-Z)/SEAS 165 (E-Z)/VNM 165 (E-Z)/WMST 165 (E-Z), AST 166/CPLT 166/SEAS 166/VNM 166, AST 167/CPLT 167/SEAS 167, AST 168/MUS 168/SEAS 168, or graduate courses in Southeast Asian literature and culture (with consent of instructor) such as CPLT 200/SEAS 200 and CPLT 205/SEAS 205.

Language Placement:

For information about placement exams contact Suzy Sharweed.

Committee in Charge

  • Mariam Beevi Lam, Ph.D. Vietnamese/Comparative Literature
  • Hendrik M.J. Maier, Ph.D. Southeast Asian Literature/Comparative Literature
  • Daryle Williams, Ph.D., Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, ex officio