Classical Studies

Language Proficiency

All students in Classical Studies must complete either LATN 001, LATN 002, and LATN 003 (or equivalents) or GRK 001, GRK 002, and GRK 003 (or equivalents). They must also complete 12 upper-division units (or the equivalent) of coursework in Latin or Greek.

  1. Language proficiency requirement:
    1. either LATN 001, LATN 002, and LATN 003 (or equivalents) or GRK 001, GRK 002, and GRK 003 (or equivalents)
    2. Twelve (12) upper-division units or the equivalent of coursework in Latin or Greek
  2. Civilization requirementTwo courses from CLA 010A, CLA 010B, or CLA 010C, or CLA 010D
  3. a) CPLT 001 or CPLT 001W and 1 lower-division CPLT course (8 units)
    b) CPLT 193 (4 units). (CPLT 196 is strongly recommended but not required).
  4. Twenty-four (24) units from the following:
    a)  Upper-division Latin or Greek literature courses beyond the language proficiency requirement
    b)  AHS 147, AHS 148, CLA 100/HISE 110 CLA 102/CPAC 102, CLA 112/CPLT 112/RLST 117, CLA 113/CPAC 112/HISE 113, CLA 114/ CPLT 114, CLA 120 (E-Z), CLA 121/CPAC 121/POSC 121, CLA 132/AST 132/CHN 132/CPAC 132, CLA 141/CHN 141/CPAC 141, CLA 190, GRK 190, HISE 112, HISE 114/CPAC 133, HISE 115, HISE 116, HISE 117, HISE 118, HIST 103, HIST 110/CPAC 134, LATN 190, PHIL 120(E-Z), PHIL 121Q, POSC 110, RLST 136, THEA 125E
    c) Other courses outside the Classics program related to the major with the approval of the student’s advisor.

Highly recommended lower-division courses are CLA 040 (Classical Mythology) and CLA 045 (The Ancient World in Film and Television). In their course selection, students should seek exposure to both the Greek and Roman components of the major.

Language Placement:

For information about placement exams contact Suzy Sharweed.

Committee in Charge

  • Kyle Khellaf, Ph.D., Director, Classics
  • Benjamin King, Ph.D. Classics
  • Christopher Simon, Ph.D. Classics
  • Daryle Williams, Ph.D., Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, ex officio