The Korean minor provides students with the knowledge of Korean language, literature, culture, and society.

Minor Requirements

  1. Lower-division requirements (8 units plus language proficiency)
    1. Proficiency in Korean through the intermediate level, KOR 005 (second year)
    2. Eight (8) units from lower-division lecture courses on Korean literature and culture: KOR 042, KOR 047/AST 047/MCS 047
  2. Upper Division Requirements (16 units)
    1. Four (4) upper-division units in Korean language from KOR 101
    2. Eight (8) units in Korean literature and culture from KOR 110 (E-Z), KOR 112/AST 112, and four (4) units in Asian literatures and cultures: can be chosen from all the upper-division lecture courses on Asian literature and culture from the department as well as Korea-related upper-division courses from other departments (with adviser’s consent), including the courses listed under (2)

Language Placement:

For information about placement exams contact Suzy Sharweed.

Committee in Charge

  • Kelly Y. Jeong, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Comparative Literature/Korean Studies
  • Daryle Williams, Ph.D., Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, ex officio