Kathryn Page-Lippsmeyer

Kathryn Page-Lippsmeyer

Visiting Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature and Japanese Literature and Culture

Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Southern California, 2016
M.A. in East Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 2009

Office: HMNSS 2506
Email: kathryn.page-lippsmeyer@ucr.edu

Professor Page-Lippsmeyer’s research interests include the relationships between “high” and “genre” literature and subculture, between image and imagination, and between fan and genre as it relates to Japanese science fiction, contemporary fiction, cinema, and digital texts. This includes multi-author fiction made possible by digital technologies, with an emphasis on the architectures of digital communities.

Her current project, The Space of Japanese Science Fiction is an interdisciplinary literary and visual studies investigation of the contradictions within the aesthetic space created by the first and longest running Japanese science fiction magazine’s cover illustrators in the 1960s.

Professor Page-Lippsmeyer teaches Japanese and comparative literature, film, media and culture.  Among her favorite courses to teach are Adaptations of the Japanese Classics; Techno-Orientalism; and The End of the World in Japanese Literature.

She has several blogs:

On Japanese Cyborgs
Professor Page-Lippsmeyer’s academic blog.  Updated infrequently, this contains short entries on the academic texts she is reading for her research as well as musings on the state of academic field, the dissertation, and writing process.

On Japanese Cyborgs at Tumblr
I’ve created a tumblr to house some of the more visual aspects of my online research. Including links and articles related to Japanese science fiction.